Virus Removal

Virtual Networking Services now offers affordable Nationwide Virus Removal & Clean-up Service! Our tech using remote technology remote into your computer and then perform our unique procedures and steps based on the level of infection. In 90% of cases we are able to clean your computer completely within one to two hours.

Signs that your computer may be infected!

Is the PC in question really infected? I’ve seen computer repair shops in around the nation pull the blame “another virus” for everything from a bad video card to just a simple software glitch. That’s not the service you will receive from us. All of our techs are trained and understand that the first step in restoring a computer’s health is to determine whether the pc you’re dealing with has a virus rather than a problem with some type of hardware, software, or user error.

Obvious signs your pc may be infected

You search for a web page and get redirected to a different page
You are unable to access the Internet
You are blocked out of your computer programs
Your computer restarts without you doing it
Your computer freezes without any warning
A new “automatic” virus scan pops up on your computer screen

Our Proprietary Method of detecting the Virus

Don’t waste time scanning your hard drive with your regular antivirus program. After all, that program probably failed to catch the the virus in the first place.

Nothing’s perfect, and even the best antivirus program can occasionally miss a new or particularly cleverly designed virus. And once the virus slips past the antivirus, it will compromise the antivirus program anyhow. You have to assume that the virus is in control, not the security software loaded on your computer.

Our proprietary method of detecting the virus starts off with using more than 20 different antivirus & other utilities to scan the computer. Although it would be nice if one antivirus could pick up on all viruses but at VNS we know that just is not the case.

With the experience of our techs, we are able to remove several different types of viruses and spyware including the following

  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Malware & Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Memory Resident
  • Browser Hijacker
  • Boot Infectors
  • Polymorphic Virus
  • Multipartite Virus
  • Web Scripting Virus
  • Directory Virus
  • Direct Action Viruses
  • Macro Viruses
  • Memory Resident Viruses
  • Stealth Virus
  • Email Viruses

Removal & Cleanup Procedure!

Our combination of the best current available anti-virus and malware removal tools, and the experts at VNS provide our customers the safest and most secure service for not only removing the virus but also cleaning up after the virus. We’ll provide you with the best options for your unique situation.

We Won’t Lose Your Data

It’s all too common that computer users end up losing valuable data due to virus or malware infections. As you probably already know most local shops treat user data as something of little importance. Often resulting in them losing your pictures, documents and other important data on the computer. We have the tools and our technicians are trained to ensure that we do everything possible to save your data. After the system is completely disinfected we restore your data to the computer.

The Virus Removal Guarantee

Virus & Spyware Removal service includes our 90-day guarantee against re-infection. It doesn’t matter how it happens or what the reason is we repair the re-infected system at no charge to you.

We took it one step further, we guarantee to remove all viruses, spyware, and other malware on your computer without losing your important files and data, or you pay nothing

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Affordable Virus Removal & Cleanup

We save you money by offering multiple pricing packages to meet your financial needs. We offer one-time fee services as well as monthly unlimited plans. We are able to offer affordable prices because we are a remote company.

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