The Virtual Network computer repair service ensures peace-of-mind engineering service. We take great satisfaction in our services and we stand behind every maintenance we do with 100% satisfaction Guarantee.

What our Satisfaction Guarantee Covers

Service Warranty

If the fault is not perfectly fixed during the service, and if the device shows the same signs as at when the appliance was initially fixed, we are going to repair the problems FOR FREE or even REFUND YOUR MONEY for the job except for the areas received within 30 days. If during the warranty repair, extra accessories are needed to the fix the problem, the customer will be responsible to pay for that accessories.

Accessories Sold by Virtual Networking Services

We fully warrant the accessories we sell and use while repairing your system for 30 days. Fixing or changing of these accessories after 30 days will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Virtual Networking Services does not act as warranty repair center for just any manufacturer. We only provide non-warranty repair and warranty repair, for a fee on any PC that we sell which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What our Guarantee Does Not Cover

Problems not disclosed and Future Problems

If after a repair, the client discovers other problems which were not initially disclosed before the initial repair, or within 14 days of the repair, the problem is classified as a new and unrelated issue. These types of separate problems are NOT covered by our Guarantee.
We do appreciate if our customers notify us within 14 days of any such problems. If the fault is related to the repair we completed, or if something is missed in the course of repair, we will fix the problem to your satisfaction. Guaranteed!

Connected Devices

If the software needed to ensure connectivity to the device is provided to Virtual Networking Services during the time of the repair, we will warrant and guarantee its functionality post repair. If the customer does not have or cannot provide the software, it is our responsibility to reinstall the software and hardware drivers. Virtual Networking Services will, for an extra fee, help the customer to obtain and install the necessary drivers.

Unlicensed or Pirated Software

Here at Virtual Networking Services will not reinstall or warrant software which has been identified by Virtual Networking Services or the system/software manufacturer as unlicensed, illegal or pirated software. We will not also reinstall the software for the customer.

Diagnosis Fees

Diagnosis costs are not covered by the Total Satisfaction Guarantee. In other words, if we complete a checkup of your system and you decide not to repair it, you are not entitled to a refund for the fees. If however we fail to fix your computer after our checkup and repair, you will be fully refunded with any diagnosis fee paid.

Data Recovery

Due to the nature and complexity of data recovery services, data recovery services are exempt from our guarantees. However, if we are unable to recover any of your data, you will not be charged for such services. If you wish your money be refunded for our data recovery service because we were unable to recover a specific data, yet you want to have what we have successfully recovered, you will have to choose between either a full refund and receiving no recovered data or receiving the retrieved data and pay the recovery fee.

Virus Removal

If your system is scanned and any virus is detected and removed from it, upon completing this service you are satisfied, the sale is final. Once the virus has been cleaned from your system and subsequently re-infect your system there is no chance to refund back your money at any time. We are not liable for your PC’s protection over user’s behaviors after such removal.

Virtual Networking Services does not warrant or extend the accessories and labor warranty of PC or other product we sell. According to the manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer is liable for the accessories and labor repairs to the Laptops they produce. Virtual Networking Services does not provide free warranty repair for any manufacturer. We only provide non-warranty repair and warranty repair coordination, for a fee on any PC we sell which is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Other Disclaimers

Here at Virtual Networking Services, we are not responsible for virus and malware re-infections, misuse, power damage, liquid damage or any other damage faults that could not result in the actual repair work provided by us. Virtual Networking Services will not be liable for any viruses, malware or other computer software or hardware problems that may subsequently occur after any repair.